The Most Awarded Mezcal of 2021. So What?

Reflecting on our first year and what it means to be one of the best mezcals

The Most Awarded Mezcal of 2021. So What?

Okay, that sounds weird to us still. One of the best mezcals? I mean, we think so, of course, and stand by every sip, every year, and every day that goes into that loaded phrase, but what does it really mean to have come out of 2021 as the world’s most awarded mezcal?

Most plainly, this means we have won the most amount of awards in blind taste tests. But even starting with taste, that’s just a judgment of the liquid itself.

We strongly feel that there’s so much more that goes into the taste than what the palate perceives. So since we like to take a holistic perspective on things, let’s start with the agave plant. We’re not doing much here, just standing back and letting Nature do its thing. For 8, 10, and 12 years, we don’t touch that agave. We are striving to grow all of our own agave, but currently are only growing Espadín. For our wild agaves Tobalá and Salmiana, we source from trusted partners who share our values in regard to environmental management standards and replanting commitments.

Then there is the human component. Our Maestro Mezcalero, the brilliant first generation mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos, has worked decades to perfect his craft. His principles are found throughout the production process: how the seed is grown, the people he calls partners, the hands making the mezcal, and the care he takes to cultivate a positive environment throughout the process. His daughter, Xitlali Ramos, is currently training to become a mezcalera, carrying the new family tradition, craft, and expertise into the future.

Combining nature with the human hand, we move into the production of our mezcal. We won’t go through each and every step here, but one critical component throughout is our north star: A deep respect for time. We don’t rush. We don’t cut corners. Working in small batches with a specialized team allows us time to give each step the care it deserves. When we learned we became the most awarded mezcal of 2021, this is the first thing we thought of—that it has all paid off. The patience, the perfectionism, the prioritization of the wellbeing of people and Nature throughout our process. This is why we do this.

But the accolades don’t mean we’re resting easy. We feel inspired and enlivened by these results—especially having come out of just our first year in operation. We’re ever committed to staying true to our values, pushing environmental and social initiatives even further, and doing our most honest work to bring you the best tasting mezcal ever year—and all while making space for experimentation, play, and curiosity in the process.

Thank you to all the judges whose opinions contributed to our 2021 awards, and thank you to our community making, sipping, and sharing The Lost Explorer Mezcal.

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