What Might We Grow if We Listen to the Rhythm of Nature

Reflections on patience and rhythm

What Might We Grow if We Listen to the Rhythm of Nature

While we run around striving for perfection and productivity, Nature has a rhythm that is already perfect. A beautiful dance between natural phenomena and creatures big and small.

As humans move further toward perceived progress and innovation, we crave faster satisfaction. We forget knowledge that has long served us, and once again Nature is asking us to slow down and listen.

Mezcaleros and farmers understand the practice of patience, of listening to the land. Some may rush to meet soaring demands increasing the ecological toll including deforestation leading to soil erosion, monoculture of fast-growing crops, and even the disappearance of wild-growing agaves. Where others honor what Nature gives us on its own timeline. This is how we live at The Lost Explorer Mezcal. We simply listen to the already perfect rhythm of Nature, making that the foundation for everything we do.

We don’t rush the agave growth, which on average can take between 8 to 35 years to mature (the agaves we work with take on average 8-12 years). Each type of agave expresses the terroir it’s grown in and the interconnectedness of its surroundings. Forging relationships. Soaking up every interaction. Attracting pollinator friends like bats, bees, and hummingbirds to feast on its sweetening nectar. We don’t rush the artisanal production at any part of the process. We listen to the earth, marvel at its wonders, and savor the unique flavors and aromas of its sensory heritage.

We celebrate the Earth by listening, by re-learning patience. In doing so we make space in our lives for a little bit of Nature’s already perfect rhythm.

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