(Agave Angustifolia)

100% Agave

A sweet and herbaceous expression, well-balanced with hints of red apple, ripe fruits and a mild smoky layer to finish.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca
Distillation Double
8 Agave age
in years
Fresh herbs with hints of wood from the fire pit
Chopped agave, mesquite, sweet red apple and ripe fruits
Smooth and fruity, with a slight smoked wood finish on the palate

Espadín is the most commonly sourced agave varietal for mezcal. Its sky-reaching sword-like leaves protect the piña. Typically, an Espadín agave will take 5-8 years to reach maturity, though we like to leave ours alone for 8. The extra time is well savored.

Sipping Suggestions

Sip Espadín

The approachable, welcoming aroma of Espadín will instantly transport you to the arid valleys of San Pablo Huixtepec where our Espadín grows. The sweet smoke rests gently on the roof of your mouth before giving way to a gentle, lingering finish that caresses the mouth in an even warmth.

  • Red apple & chicatana ant salt
  • Tangerine & Tajín
  • Pear, vinegar & salt

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