and Energy

  • Solar panels installed in our agave fields at the distillery to create renewable energy
  • Carbon footprint will be tracked from the very first batch in order to set our long-term emission reduction goals
  • Bioclimate study carried out to inform our environmental improvement efforts and energy efficiency


  • Rainwater harnessed for the production process
  • New water filtration system installed to further improve water conservation


  • Ambitious biodiversity practice with at least three agave plants replenished for each one used
  • Land purchased close to distillery to scale our replanting program
  • Germinate seeds of genetically diverse agave on our distillery land and experimentation at The Lost Laboratory
  • Agave waste is processed into fertilizer for our land

Supply Chain

  • Agave cooked according to artisanal methods and with local reclaimed wood only
  • All production partners selected based on environmental ethos, quality and in support of Mexican enterprise
  • New bottles designed and produced in Mexico from over 50% recycled crystal scraps
  • Stoppers made from natural wood & cork and sealed with fully biodegradable beeswax


  • Economic empowerment enabled within our mezcal-making community in San Pablo Huixtepec
  • Long-term local contracts at fair price with our agave growers
  • Creative partnerships with artisans located in the heart of Oaxaca

The Lost

Beyond setting high standards for sustainability in our current production process, we are actively exploring ways to push industry standards. The Lost Laboratory is being built to do just this. While being respectful to the great depths of wisdom and tradition of the past, we are looking to the future and seeking ways to build further sustainability through constant experimentation.

As The Lost Laboratory and its curiosities develop, there will be questions, doubts, breakthroughs, failures and great (and great-tasting) successes.

We look forward to sharing our journey.

Join the Journey.
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